Most of our projects have been geard for mobile and tablets.
But some have a PC demo you can try.

Dagon: The Dragon Isles

Tall Tale of Torog

Troll Sweeper

Dagon: The Dragon Isles.

Dagon: The Dragon Isles, is an interactive book that takes place in a fantasy world, which is faced with strange visitors hiding in a floating Citadel.

Click here to play
DAGON: The Dragon Isles DEMO

May take a moment to load, and is only part one. But will give you an idea of what we are tying to create.

The Tall Tale of Torog.

More Tall Tale of Torog screenshots are comming soon!
This is a mini adventure game to be added into the Dagon: The Dragon Isles E-Book.

Click here to play
The Tall Tale of Torog DEMO

May take a moment to load. It is a qucik tutorial of the game with none of the full levels included.

Troll Sweeper.

Troll Sweeper is a spin off of Minesweeper, where you have to clear a field of minds. But instead of mines, you have to clear out the Trolls.